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Drain Cleaning


We have a variety of fast, efficient high speed drain cleaning machines


These machines use specialised chains that attach to a flexible cable and are spun at high speeds by a motor. They are lightweight portable push cable machines which deliver wall to wall cleaning quickly & efficiently.

They are suitable for dealing with a number of different blockages, Fat, grease, sludges, small tree roots, light scale & soft blockages.

Ridgid Flexshaft machines for full pipe pipe cleaning working quickly & efficently

Flexshaft Machines

Ridgid drain cleaning machine

Flexshaft machines utilise specialised chain knockers attached to a flexible cable that spin at high speeds.

The cable is placed into the pipe work and spun to expand the chains providing wall to wall cleaning quickly and efficiently.

They are lightweight, portable machines and are suitable for dealing with a number of different blockages, grease, fat, sludges, small tree roots, light scale & soft blockages.


Each machine has a number of different chains & accessories to achieve maximum cleaning effect for every situation. 

There are three different machines, the K9-12,

K9-102 & the K9- 204, they all work in the same way.  

The K9-12 is the most compact lightweight version of these machines it is perfect for 1 1/4" - 2" (32 to 50 mm) pipes.

The K9-12 is an ideal for clearing light residential blockage. 


The K9-102 - This machine is the smaller version and is perfect for blocked kitchen sinks, basins, baths & urinals. 

This can be used in 1¼ " to 2" up to 70' pipework 

K9-204 specialising in larger lines for residential and commercial jobs, this machine can be used on 2”-4” pipe and includes 70’ of 5/16” cable

picote mini miller drain cleaning machine

Picote - Battery Powered Mini Miller

The battery powered mini miller is perfect for larger pipework and can carry out a number of different tasks from root cutting fat/grease cleaning, removing large build up of scale in plastic, cast iron pipework and any other debris that may be in the pipework

The picote high speed machines make light work of drain cleaning, root removal, concrete deposits and any other debris that may be in the pipework.

These machines come with a range of specialised chains and other accessories to get the job done

Picote - Super Midi Miller

The Picote Super Midi is designed for high-speed cleaning with a range of specialised Cleaning Chains.

Excellent for cleaning, unblocking descaling and removing roots, in larger pipe work DN70-150 (3" to 6").

picote midi miller drain unblcoking machine

 High Speed Milling Machines

drain unblocking and descaling
scale removed from drain pipe
Debris removed from drain pipe

Drain Descaling

We specialise in drain descaling using our high-speed mechanical machines or our high-pressure jetting machine. 


What is drain descaling?


Descaling is the process of removing scale, fat, grease, and debris from internal or external pipe work.

Over time, the build-up of scale in drain lines can cause them to block up, resulting in slow draining toilets, sinks or baths.

By using our high-pressure water jetting machine, or our high speed mechanical machines, all of which have changeable cutting/cleaning heads, we frequently clear and clean kitchen wastes, descale stack pipes, interceptors and urinals.

We all descale our kettles, shower heads and taps but forget about our drains until a problem arises 

preventative maintenance is key.

What is involved?

Our expert team will assess your drains and then decide on the best method of descaling it for you.

Drain descaling involves our chosen machines and cutting nozzle or chains which is most suitable for the job.

The device is fed down the pipe, to remove the fat/grease, scale and any other debris from the inside of the pipe returning your drain to full flow capacity​.



Drain unblocking vehicles


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