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Drain Repairs,

Patches & Lining

Drain Repairs

Our expert team are well equipped to carry out all drainage repairs and replacements. 

For more information please call for a free quote.

Drain Relining & Patch repairs

A fast cost effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer, no digging or excavating is needed. Relining a pipe involves inserting a liner impregnated with a special resin into the existing drain, it is then expanded with an air bladder and the and the resin laden lining bonds with the old pipe work to effectively give it a second skin It is as if you are fitting a brand new pipe inside an old existing pipe.

It is all carried out through the existing inspection chambers / manholes. Full lengths, half lengths or even individual sections can be installed. Bends, curves and offset joints are no problem for this flexible lining to negotiate and repair.

When re-lining is not an option, we are fully equipped & experienced to carry out the traditional methods of excavation and replacement.

Broken gully repair


There are several different types of drain repair methods we carry out including drain relining, patch repair (no dig technology), full excavation & replacement, manhole chamber repairs/replacements and more. 

The most appropriate method will depend on the cause and extent of the damage.

Drainage problems may arise due to various reasons such as broken or fractured pipework, tree roots intrusion or ground movement. 

Our team of skilled engineers are equipped to handle a wide range of drain repair services.

If you're worried about any damaged drainage you may have and you are looking for a professional, affordable drain repair service, then contact us on 01303 270102

The types of drainage our groundworks team can provide include:

  • Drain Excavations

  • New Drain Connections

  • Repairs to Existing Drainage

  • Pipework Replacement

  • Soakaways

  • Aco Drains

  • Patch Repairs 

  • Drain Lining

  • Tree root ingression

  • Manhole Chamber Repairs & more

Drain Relining - No Dig Technology

Drain lining is suitable for sewers, culverts, vertical down pipes and many other applications. It is built to resist the most aggressive chemicals and can withstand extremely high temperatures


Drain relining benefits include:

  • No costly excavation of surfaces needed

  • Minimum disruption and down time to your business/home

  • Suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

  • Suitable for diameter ranges 100mm to 200mm

  • Able to negotiate bends and offset joints

  • All types of pipe material can be considered

  • Prevents tree root infestation

installing a drain liner

Patch Lining

Patch lining is a cost effective, no mess, no disruptive time saving permanent & watertight solution, eliminating the need for costly & inconvenient dig ups.


It is ideal for repairing cracks, breaks, corrosions, root intrusion and open & displaced joints. The patch is spread out and infused with an epoxy resin before being wrapped around a pipe packer. The packer is then inserted into the drain up to the defective area before being inflated.


After an hour or so the resin cures and the packer can be removed.  our drainage engineers have the knowledge and expertise to carry out the work professionally and efficiently.

Root intrusion
Patch repair to stop roots growing back


What is a manhole?

A manhole is also known as an inspection chamber? 

It is a covered opening that allows access to the drainage system for surveying, cleaning, unblocking or repairing the underground pipe work

If the cover or frame of a manhole becomes damaged or missing they can be unsightly and pose a safety risk.

They can also lead to damage to the drains that they are designed to protect.

We can replace all external manhole covers whether it is for pedestrian walkways or roads, which take heavy vehicle traffic.


Broken manhole cover


Replacement Manhole Cover

For more information just give our office a call and we will be happy to help.

Replacing Manholes

What is involved

First we remove the damaged cover and frame and safely protect the exposed areas. Clean all loose mortar from brickwork

We then put a fresh bed of mortar down and level the frame and make good the sides once that is complete

we instal a new fully compliant cover.

Not all cases need a complete fix sometimes just the manhole/inspection chamber covers just need placing


Broken manhole frame


New manhole cover


Drain unblocking vans


New Romney








Herne Bay



jet vac tanker
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