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Drain Tracing

The head of our cctv drain camera has a sonde built into it, the camera is placed into the drain, pipe or sewer and sent in the direction required.

The sonde sends a signal to the vLoc3 pro locator which the engineer uses above ground.  The vLoc3 pro digital locator is an innovative tool we use alongside the camera. When an issue is found we are able to locate it with precision and accuracy.


Using sonar drain tracing we can pinpoint what drainage there is and where it goes, it can detect and trace the exact location & depth including locating hidden or buried chambers.


Drain tracing can be used to save a lot of money by not digging in the wrong place. We can help pin point the exact location of where the pipe work runs before any repairs are carried out.

locating problem using vLoc3-Pro
roots located and marked using the Vivax Metrotech vLoc3-Pro

Dye Test

Dye testing involves placing a non-staining water soluble dye (Fluorescent green) into water, which is then poured into the drainage system to help us identifying any areas in which leakage may be occurring.


We use drain tracing to investigate and diagnose lots of different issues and
drainage problems. 

Both dye testing and sonde tracing can be used across household and commercial drainage.

We are always happy to provide either, or both.

bucket of fluoescent drain dye
Flurescent dye in drain
van pack for drain unblocking


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