Blocked Drains

If it's blocked - we can clear it!

Are you having problems with slow drainage, nasty smells, high rising or gurgling toilet, sink & shower?

We can help!

Using the latest technology & techniques, from high pressure jetting to high speed drain cleaning machines we can resolve your problems in no time.


We can deal with all aspects of your drainage quickly and efficiently, internal, external both residential & commercial.


Root Cutting

A common cause of a blocked drain is root ingress. The roots gain access through fractures, broken pipework & pipe joints.  The roots are drawn to drains as they provide a constant source of water and moisture needed for survival.


We have the experience and expertise to deal with this issue with effective and long-lasting results.


We use our high pressure water jetting machine with a specialised nozzle to remove the roots.


If high pressure water jetting is not suitable then we will we will use one of our smaller mechanical drain  machines.

Please see our drain clearing machine page for more details.


A drain patch or lining can also be carried out after root cut to prevent the roots from returning and causing future issues.


If you are having issues with slow draining toilets/sinks.


Over time, the build-up of scale in drainage lines can cause them to block up. Here at MT Drains we have the specialised knowledge and the latest equipment to carry out your drain cleaning and descaling requirements.

Descaling is a process of removing scale, fat, grease, and debris from internal pipe work This can be achieved by using high pressure water jetting or our high speed mechanical machines. All of our machines have changeable cutting heads to remove, fat, grease and heavy scale.


We use these machines frequently to De-Scale stack pipes, kitchen wastes, manhole interceptors and urinals, returning your drains to full flow. Restoring full flow.