Tanker Services

Mini jet vac combination Tanker


Our specialised Mini Combination Tanker has a 3000 litre total capacity divided into a 2000 litre waste compartment and 1000 litres of jetting water


  • Ideal for its manoeuvrability in urban areas with limited access, such as height or weight restrictions.

  • A Powerful high pressure vacuum pump with a suction capacity of 1800 LTS and a high-pressure pump with a capacity of 2200 psi @ 22 GPM.

  • The Hydraulic jetting hose reel has capacity of 120m

  • The suction reel is equipped with 60 meter hose 

  • Operated manually or via remote control

Please note that there is a fee for removal of any waste. 

All waste removal fees will be quoted upon booking.


Gully Emptying

Gullies are ground level drains which are designed to discharge. They consist of a concrete pot positioned under the road surface with an iron gate visible from the road. 

To empty a blocked gully we would use a tanker to suck up any unwanted waste that should not be there such as silt, leaves, soil and rubbish.

After we have sucked up the waste we will inspect the drain and gully and then use a high pressure water pressure to remove any other remaining obstructions that could cause a blockage. 

Flood Relief

If you are unfortunate enough to experience flooding at your property from either clean or foul waste water then a fast, effective & experienced flood response service is going to be a priority.

We offer a smaller vehicle for inaccessible areas to restricted access with limited width & headroom

For both business and private homeowners

MT Drains Folkestone

Channel/Aco Drainage

Channel drains are a floor based drains which are thin and have removable grating system placed over the top. 

They are  usually found on driveways, car parks, patios, in front of shops and many other places. 

They can get blocked with silt, soil, leaves, rubbish and other debris. 

Drain Descaling & Cleaning

From time to time drains require cleaning due to a build up of fat, grease, scale & other debris and so it is vital to keep drains clean to avoid them from blocking up. 


The main reasons to carry out cleans are to remove: 

  • Scale build up

  • Excessive amounts of fat & grease

  • Silt, debris 

  • Roots

  • Wipes


(Many wipes may claim that they are flushable on the packets, yes they do flush but are not biodegradable so do not break down like toilet paper does so they frequently cause blockages within pipes & pumps as do tampons & sanitary ware products).